We not only specialize in Property Maintenance, but pressure cleaning too.

Concrete Discolouration

If your concrete driveway or slab or has discoloured and darkened over the years, it will benefit immeasurably from a pressure clean. Small household pressure cleaners are generally not powerful enough to tackle large areas, and hiring your own will not tend to be cost-effective. Using a 2750 psi petrol powered pressure cleaner, we’ll bring it back to near original condition quickly. Oil stains can also be softened with a de-greasing and detergent treatment.

External House Cleaning

An all-over pressure clean will blow away accumulated dirt, cobwebs, insect nests etc drastically improving overall appearance. Eaves especially above windows tend to attract an unsightly  discolouration which is quickly and effectively removed with pressure cleaning.

Brick or rendered fences commonly suffer from a build up of dirt and grime which can be easily removed by pressure cleaning.